Jump Into PHP

Curious about Web CMS Platforms and Mobile Web Apps?

At the heart of these web dev platforms is PHP,
the crown jewel of LAMP web development.

Of all programming languages out there, php is by far the most popular. Leveraging web apps with php can be learned in a few fun weeks.

URL's are important to pay attention to as we travel the web.
In fact, our current URL states this web page was processed by PHP!
We just learned something Very Useful! :-)

Web Site Content Trends Since 1990

Core Technical Concepts

  1. Client-Server Architectures
  2. Client-Side Platforms
  3. Server-Side Platforms
  4. Operating Systems
  5. Programming Languages
  6. HTML
  7. Browsers
  8. Code Execution
  9. Web Server
  10. Service Hosting
  11. Internet Service Providers
  12. Open Source Software
  13. Web Dev Workflows
  14. Naked Code Web Site
  15. Content Management System
  16. User Roles
  17. Hide This Section

Shareware means that software is license-free, and therefore without cost.
Since all web browsers are free, they qualify as Shareware.

Open Source Software means that we all get to use (and optionally enhance) the proven software source code of others at ALL levels of LAMP.

So, while we may NOT NEED to write our own PHP code, we CERTAINLY shall need to make smart decisions about code we rely upon.

Decoding LAMP

LAMP =   Linux   +   Apache   +   MySQL    +   PHP

        Operating +  Web      +   Database +   Programming
        System	     Server       Server       Language

LAMP++ Training JumpStarts

... are all designed to put Open Source Web Dev power into your hands.

  1. 1stLAMP
    Set up complete LAMP web dev environment on your laptop.
  2. 1stTools
    Download and install open source web development tools.
  3. 1stCMS
    Download a compressed archive of this site and install it in your local web root.
  4. 1stModule
    This JumpStart takes you step-by-step through the brief manual process of adding a module to this php web app.
  5. 1stTheme
    This JumpStart shows us how to target a mobile browser with the same php web app.
  6. Min CMS Code Layout
    Tour the five php files that are at the functional heart of this site.
  7. Download This Site
    Download a copy of this CMS app in its entirety to install and extend it by adding a module.
  8. addModule()*
    Web form to automate process of adding a module to this php app.
  9. Trainer Blog Fountain*
    A page of blog topics for developers and trainers to consider.

Expert LAMP Roles

  1. Designers / Themers
  2. Developers / Integrators
  3. Architects / Database Admins
  4. Network Admins / Systems Engineers
// echo 'VARIABLES IN PHP MEMORY...', print_r(get_defied_vars());

Consider LAMP++ Project Roadmap

  1. define, implement and distribute min oss php cms
  2. min lamp++ roles... dev, themer, trainer, trainee
  3. finintro+sitemap+naked code
  4. min site localization

Mythful Compendium, With Corresponding Responses

  1. I cannot afford a current Apple laptop.
    Or, my computer ain't fast enough for this stuff.
  2. I was never any good at math.
  3. Only a genius can learn this stuff.
  4. Just rely on a cheap isp and off-shore labor for everything! :-)
  5. You can't make any money with open source software!!
  6. Isn't there a web form for that!?
  7. Do front-end design-oriented experts really need to know any php?
  8. Can I use Microsoft Word (or win.NotePad or osx.TextEdit)
    as an ascii text editor for coding? But WHY NOT?!