Download Entire LAMP++ Site

Every site module is exposed as NAKED OPEN SOURCE CODE,
including this php module:

Most LAMP++ modules are freely available to download, install, run and hack as open source software. Anyone can use links below to request a copy of this entire lamp++ php cms site.

Before getting excited, this assumes that LAMP is locally installed.
See our first LAMP++ Training JumpStart: 1stLAMP
After LAMP is locally installed and tested,initial goals are to find both your local web root path and localhost url.

Min Site Archive Exists:
Archive Datestamp: Sun Jul 21 14:06:01 2013
Compressed File Count: 37
Commit Count: 27
Latest Feature: old wrapper new magic
Download Count: 27
Min Dev Site Archive Size: 134.18 KB
Min Dev Site Size: 300 KB
Compression Ratio: 0.447

Other LAMP++ Download Choices

Below are offered a series of downloads that start off VERY simple and add only a few features at a time.

BareBonesMin Modular CMS
PHP Trainer Platform
PHP Developer Platform
Add-On Modules
PHP Themer Platform
Add-On Themes

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Check out a high-level code tour of this small app to learn about the four crucial php scripts that make it work. Once you know how these four scripts work, the rest is a piece of cake.