LAMP++ JumpStart: 1stLAMP


Download, install and run LAMP locally on OS X or Windows.
Test that LAMP runs locally. Determine web root path and url.


Install some php script text files into your local web root and surf to them.
Download this entire site, decompress and install into local web root.
Create some desktop and browser shortcuts.
Then install free Web Dev tools.

Students Should Be Able To (SSBAT):

  1. Choose best local and remote LAMP hosting
    options for your given usage and platform.
  2. Download and install LAMP locally.
  3. Configure and test LAMP as Up-And-Running.
  4. Determine local LAMP webroot on local hard drive.
  5. Reference and edit config file for webroot and siteroot base urls, plus various hosting modes. Review install and audit file.
  6. Determine browser URL to surf to locally,
    where URL usually begins with localhost...
  7. Execute phpinfo() in php.
  8. Find php error log + php.ini files. Make several short cuts.
  9. Download php script to execute locally in LAMP.

Material Requirements

  1. Stable Apple OS X System, Min Version 10.4.x
    Stable Microsoft Windows System, Min Version XP SP2
  2. Stable internet connectivity.
  3. A few GB's of available disk storage.
    A means of keeping fresh and safe file backups.

Lesson Terminology

Task Checklist

Frequent Gotchas