LAMP++ PHP App Code Layout

Before considering PHP code, examine format of browser URL.
This URL is more than an address that points to a single page.
It both points to index.php and configures it with parameter p to grab desired module page contents.

This URL is in format: [base url]/[page]?[variable]=[value]

Mouseover links that you see across this page.
Look at URLs across site in Status Bar at bottom-left of browser window.
All site URLs follow this same format.
After reviewing this page in full, look at some NAKED php code!

Four Most Crucial PHP Scripts Marked Below*

-----------         -----------
images/             Image files used across site.

includes/           Common files for minimizing redundant code across site. 
   * |-     App config file, NOT stored in production webroots!
     |-     Appears at bottom of every page
     |-     Appears at top of every page
   * |-
     |- style.css       Styles (appearance) across site are controlled in single css file 
*index.php          File read first from site root dir without being explicitly requested.
                    This index file supports sole secure point-of-entry to load module content into browser.

*modules/           All modules live in here.
                    We can extend site easily by adding module page + index.php parameter settings + nav code.

naked_php/          Copies of each php file to be optionally viewed as naked php code.

scripts/            These are tools that help us to manage this site.
                    To upload and distribute code that you will write, use these tools.