LAMP++ Training JumpStarts

  1. To locally install and run LAMP: 1stLAMP
  2. Free Web Dev Tools + Workflows for OS X + Win: 1stTools
  3. Download and install site into local LAMP Web Root: 1stCMS
  4. Carefully review Min CMS Code Layout LAMP++ module.
    Recap web site trends.
  5. Follow 1stModule to extend this php manually.
  6. Evaluate addModule() Form, which automates module creation.
  7. Evaluate blogModule() Form, which turns page into blog.
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    LAMP++ JumpStarts = NO PREREQS!

    Got Stuck?
    Review Trainee Task Tour
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Trainee Initial Task Tour

  1. LAMP++ Site Intro + Site Map
  2. Core Technical Concepts
  3. Min PHP CMS Code Layout
  4. Open Source = Secure Naked Code
  5. Download + install *AMP.
  6. Install all other web dev tools.
  7. Find directory path to local web root.
  8. Find url to browse to local web root.
  9. Execute php script. php phpinfo()
  10. Edit php script. Reload browser.
  11. Break php code and find php error log.
  12. Set up desktop and browser shortcuts.
  13. Re-execute php script. Debug broken php script.
  14. Put it all away and return to debug workflow.
  15. Add html to php script + reference css stylesheet.
  16. Download lamp++ site + install into web root.
  17. Create new module page manually with your own content.
  18. reqLink()
  19. Manually add css stylesheet.
  20. Reference new stylesheet to new cms module page.
  21. addModule()
  22. LAMP Logs + Config Files
  23. phpMyAdmin
  24. LAMP App Installation: xGrid 0.5
  25. Web Project & Code Management
  26. LAMP CMS Installation: WordPress 5
  27. LAMP App Installation: Drupal 6
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