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  1. LAMP Hosting: From Laptop to Web
  2. LAMP Hosting: Two Decades of Web Site Trends
  3. LAMP Expertise: Roles, Skills, Tools, Workflows, Assessments
  4. Training Theory: Zero Trainee Prereqs vs Prior Knowledge
  5. Training Theory: Hands-On JumpStarts vs CS Degree
  6. LAMP CMS for Non-Technical Educators
  7. LAMP CMS for Public Educators
  8. Code Sample Dissection: Naked Hosting + Naked Code Tours
  9. UrbanSpectra NYC Service Providers & Trainers
  10. Software Platform Types: User, Trainer, Developer
  11. Live vs Online LAMP Developer Training
  12. Free Online Training Resources
  13. Open Source vs Proprietary Architectures
  14. From Microsoft Windows (to Apple OS X) to LAMP on the Wed
  15. Team Dev: Source Code Management
  16. Team Dev: Theming and Mobile Web
  17. Team Dev: www Standards + Security
  18. CMS Shootout: LAMP++, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal
  19. Content Search
  20. Content Tagging
  21. Content Translation
  22. API Service Integrations
  23. Apache | MySQL | Linux
  24. CSS | JQuery
  25. Unit Testing